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No longer have migraines and irregular periods

I started seeing Dr. Sally after visiting many other doctors for my chronic migraines, yet not gaining much relief. After weekly visits with Sally, I no longer have migraines or headaches. While I was being treated for migraines, she came up with a plan to mitigate my intense period pain. My period is now regular, and this is the first

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Complement to my fertility treatments

Sally has changed my life. After two unsuccessful IVF treatments, I was able to conceive on my third cycle of IVF. The acupuncture was an important complement to my fertility treatments and allowed me to successfully conceive then carry my twins to near term at 36 weeks.

—M.C., M.D.

Solutions for my migraines

One of my best experiences and solutions for my migraines!! Acupuncture and the talented patience of Sally Monaghan!!!

— L. Conrow, Teacher

Decrease in menstrual cramps pain

Since working with Sally, I am happy to say that after suffering from painful menstrual cramps for years – I have seen a dramatic decrease in my pain.

—S.M., N.D.

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